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White Kendal Mint Cake – A Unique Energy Booster

If you have ever tried eating a dessert made from White Kendal Mint cake, it will be interesting to know that this unique ingredient has its own share of health benefits. This amazing natural sweetener, available in our secret recipe using the finest ingredients, this is the original world-famous’s kendal mint cake, it is made from sweetened condensed milk, sugar and water. The cream-filled ketchup icing gives it the signature name. It has no artificial flavors or colors and consists of just plain old natural honey.

White Kendal Mint Cake

Although this is our take on the original white kendal mint cake we have to give a quick disclosure that this delicious treat is not only delicious but quite nutritious as well. White Kendal Mint is packed full of flavonoids, (what gives most candy bars their wonderful, licorice-like flavor) vitamins B, C & E, niacin and iron. It’s packed full of nutrients, which are proven to improve overall digestive health.

But for all the health benefits of this amazing natural sweetener has to offer, the White Kendal Mint Cake may be best enjoyed in summer. When paired with fresh summer fruit such as strawberries, blueberries and raspberries the combination can be especially fruity, tart and refreshing. This fun, refreshing treat can be enjoyed at anytime of the day and any weather condition. Whether it is cool, hot or warm outside, or cold, wet or dry – nothing compares to the amazing taste and flavor of White Kendal Mint.

One of the reasons why the White Kendal Mint Cake is a popular favorite of consumers young and old alike, is its simplicity. The ingredients blend seamlessly together without being overly complicated. For example, the unflavored unsweetened Kentucky syrup is combined with both white tea and lemon juice, no other flavors are needed to complete the delicious, delectable results. The finest ingredients combine perfectly to create one simple, yet tantalizing treat. Consumers have never tasted anything quite like a White Kendal Mint Cake.

For thousands of years people have enjoyed the amazing, delectable taste of a White Kendal Mint Cake and now you can experience the same taste yourself. You will not only satisfy your craving for this mouthwatering treat but also impress your taste buds by enjoying one without having to use energy pills. These White Kendal Mint Chews is made with the finest ingredients in the world including White tea and real peppermint flavour, no artificial flavours, sugar or salt are included.

The most important thing about our White Kendal Mint Chews is that consumers have come to recognize them as the most popular, effective way to boost their energy levels. They are easy to make and with a little effort anyone can enjoy the amazing taste. No artificial ingredients, no refined sugars, no salt or refined flour are included in our White Kendal Mint Chews, thus making them completely healthy. Your energy level will increase dramatically the first few days and even when you are at your most inactive, using our White Kendal Mint Chews will still give you enough energy to get through your day and keep up with any physical activities. If you want to improve your health and live a healthier life just add a few boxes to your cupboard.