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Buying Guide For Washer Disinfectors

A reliable washer disinfectors is an essential instrument to sterilize and cleanse reusable medical, dental and veterinary tools. Medical directives issued by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists actually recommend that, where feasible, the use of medical equipment like washer disinfectors is preferable to manual hand washing. It is a proven fact that over three thousand people are treated for food-borne illnesses each year in the United States alone. The majority of these illnesses can be prevented simply by following proper hygiene standards and using readily available resources like washer disinfectors.

Washer Disinfectors

A majority of the instruments used in laboratories and surgical theaters are expensive pieces of equipment and simply throwing them away would cost more money than it would to replace. In some cases, they may need to be replaced every five years or so, and for larger instruments, this can translate to thousands or millions of dollars worth of investment over time. Medical professionals need access to effective and efficient cleaning and sterilizing solutions to protect their most delicate instruments. Washer and steam sterilization techniques are by far the most recommended methods of cleaning and sterilizing instruments, and these can be found in the majority of medical supply stores.

In most cases, disposable instruments are needed frequently, and therefore, investing in high quality cleaning and sterilization solutions will save the medical professional time and money. It’s also a good idea to purchase in bulk. Medical equipment dealers offer a wide variety of high quality washer disinfectors, including: cotton ball, small spray bottle, small rotating drum, hand held rotary screwdriver, and plastic or stainless steel discs. These products have all been tested for efficiency and compatibility with the specific instruments that they are intended to sterilize.

Sterilizing or cleaning solutions may also include a HEPA filter, which is designed to trap particulate matter that may be released during the cleaning or sterilization process. The use of a HEPA filter is recommended for cleaning most surfaces, but some surgical devices, such as endoscopes and sutures, may benefit from a special filtering solution that contains a silver ion or nickel hydroxide, to prevent abrasion to sensitive surface areas. A special hand-held washer disinfector that contains the aforementioned chemicals is available, and can be added to the other supplies used during cleaning and sterilization procedures. This will allow the cleaning agents to penetrate the surface of the medical instrument more completely.

When shopping for washer disinfectors, it’s important to invest in those that have a wide range of disinfecting abilities. These can range from those that only remove bacteria and fungi on a very shallow level, to those that have stronger disinfecting properties for heavier contamination situations. Some products are geared towards specific applications. For example, standard dry compound disinfectants are meant to clean delicate surfaces, such as those in gynecological exams. While professional disinfectants may be appropriate for these settings, anyone with a lab or other clinical setting might be better served by investing in a melatherm 10 series washer disinfectant that is designed specifically for this environment.

Finally, no piece of equipment is too heavy duty or too expensive to include in a list of quality washer disinfectors. While there are plenty of options available that offer a good alternative to a manual cleaning device, these devices must be energy-efficient, be environmentally friendly, and be able to stand up against a variety of cleaning needs. The best ones will have the appropriate power, reach, size, and portability, as well as a quality design. A good manual cleaning device is an investment that will save money over time and will ensure a safer work environment for everyone.