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Why Choose a Holster Claw Kit?

holster claw kit

The holster claw kit is the answer to your malfunctioning knee cap, butt pad or any other part of your pistol that you still are not allowing to reach over your belt. This is a device made up of an adjustable stainless steel claw that attaches to your belt via Velcro. Once secured, it allows you to sit down and rest your knee cap or any other part of your body that you still need to be able to reach over your belt. It will then recheck your positioning and if necessary adjust itself for you. This keeps your pistol close enough to your body so that you can still be able to perform the standard operation of drawing the gun.

You may have seen these attachments before, but never really understood their purpose. The idea behind them was to allow the individual to be able to get into a comfortable position to perform the repetition able draw with the gun. The problem with some of these devices was that they were either too big or too small to allow the individual to get into a comfortable position to perform the repeatable draw. The holster claw solves this dilemma as it is adjustable and small enough to get into a very comfortable position.

This device is not as complicated as you may think. While there are more than one style to choose from, the most common one includes a removable adjustable buckle that fits right into your belt. The main accessory is the claw that fits into the back of your waistband. It then pinches your clothing to hold it in place, while allowing you to easily reach over the gun to place the strap.

Some holster claw kits also include belt clips to allow you to attach them to your belt. While I am sure that this is much more convenient, it does require a bit more work on your part. This may not be an issue to you if you are a person who performs their handgun carry with their legs on the ground. If this is the case, the belt clip may not be an issue to you.

If you purchase the holster claw as your main accessory, I recommend that you purchase one that is of the same color as your gun. This will help to ensure that you are not wearing your gun in colors that do not compliment each other. This can be a problem for most people who wear different colored guns. You should check with your gun salesperson to see what color gun they have available. Most gun stores should be able to sell the color of gun you are looking for.

Holster Claw kits are a great way to be able to keep your gun safe and in a position to be used. The kit provides a stable surface on which to place the gun, and it keeps it away from any type of uncomfortable resting place. As long as you have an open area, you should be able to find a comfortable and functional spot for your gun. If not, the holster claw kit is a simple solution.