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UK49s Horse Racing Betting System

The two most recent UK 49s racehorses to take to the second draw of the Belmont Park meets took to the stretch. The first was the three-year old Welsh champion Harleyshire fast charger called Zain, who fell just short of the major win. His rival was the four-year-old Southwsell Speedster who went into the draw riding a one horse race for the first time. The silver medallist in the maiden time trial was the six-year-old Manchester terrier named Charmaine.


These two dogs will be joined by a host of others in the second week of the U.K. lottery for the Belmont Stakes. There are many reasons as to why these dogs could be in with a good chance at winning the Jackpot. Firstly the odds on each of the horses in the draws are very low, which means that they both have a great chance of winning. Secondly the pace is fast and all through the week the action is going on. Lastly, as already mentioned the U.K. has a large number of draws and this tends to increase the number of contenders for each race.

In terms of the horse races the top betting pick is still the Silver Sage with odds of 15/1. This horse has only been drawing numbers from two to its two bets. NAPA have given it a good run so far and while it hasn’t managed to win, it has finished in third and second. This leaves the field wide open though there will be a new betting favourite this week. It is worth noting though that no fewer than three pairs of numbers will be drawn.

Number five in the U.K. for the Belmont Stakes is the race for the free lunchtime prize. The odds for this are as poor as you can get and so while you might take this as an opportunity to make a quick buck if you get the right odds it may not be worth it. Another factor that goes into the decision of who will win this is the price of the winnings. The price of a one hundred pound breakfast at Belmont Park is over two thousand pounds and it can go up to ten thousand pounds for a single runner.

So the winner of the Belmont Stakes gets a nice bonus but it is more than likely that they will either lose or win by the same margin so you will still lose money if you select the wrong winner. If however you select the right winner you can easily double your money. The winner of the Golden Retriever Stakes receives a bonus of two thousand pounds and this can be increased to four thousand pounds if they win the competition. The odds on this particular win are very favourable for the home team though and four pairs of straight numbers is a dead heat between any of the home teams in the Golden Retriever Stakes.

The three other types of Golden Retriever Stakes have their own set of odds and predictions. The first type of predictions are made by professionals who work for the company and the odds of these types of bets are based on actual betting records and payouts. The last type of Golden Retriever Stakes odds are from punters who like to make their own gambling systems and give them the chance to make a profit. You will have to pay an upfront deposit of around seventy-nine pounds for the place and you will then have the opportunity to decide how much you want to bet on each individual horse. You do however have to remember that the best Golden Retriever picks come from the top punters so if you get good advice then it is well worth it.