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The Best of the Golden Triangle of Turkey Tour

golden triangle of Turkey tour

What is all about the golden triangle of Turkey tour packages? The Golden Triangle is a geographical region in Turkey, where three out of the four most popular cities are found. Istanbul is the cultural hub of Turkey, Antalya the most romantic holiday destination, and Izmir the perfect place to get away and relax. The best part about visiting the Turkish provinces is that each of them has something to offer to its visitors. While you are on your Golden Triangle of Turkey tour, you will get to visit all these wonderful cities and their exciting attractions. Some of them are mentioned below.

Istanbul The capital city of Turkey, Istanbul is a feast for the eyes. If you have never been to this part of the world, then you should prepare yourself to be lost in the beauty of this city. A visit to Istanbul will give you a chance to experience the fascinating history of Turkey and be fascinated by the myriad beauty of its modern age. During the day, you can get to see the dazzling city lights up with colorful lights, while the nightlife here is simply enthralling. If you love to shop, then head to the Taksim Square, and if you love to eat, then the best place to dine at is Orcha Kocmi, Istanbul’s most happening street.

Antalya The third largest city of Turkey, Antalya takes you to the world’s greatest seas and lakes. You will see how the city has turned into one of the most developed cities in the region. Along with tourism, Antalya has been thriving as a manufacturing hub producing everything from cars and automobiles to electronic goods. During your Golden Triangle of Turkey tour, you will get to see the latest trends being developed in this area.

Izmir City Once you finish up with Antalya, you will find yourself heading to the fifth largest city of Turkey. This city is known for its historical and cultural attractions as well as its lush greenery. As you tour this city, you will get to experience the best of both the old and the new. For example, the old part is filled with age-old monuments while the new parts are being built with modern amenities. Your Golden Triangle of Turkey tour will not be complete without visiting the Blue Mosque and the Topkapi Palace.

Mecidiyekoy This is a city that is popular for its entertainment as it is home to numerous nightclubs and bars. The nightlife here is vibrant with many performances by Turkish and international pop stars. It is also host to the annual Turkish Film Festival. If you are an art lover, Mecidiyekoy is a good place to start because you will be able to view modern art exhibitions and contemporary art galleries. If you want to enjoy an intimate dinner, then head to the Beyoglu district and check out its trendy cafes and bistros.

Yordanyaki is another must-visit city on your Golden Triangle of Turkey tour. This region was primarily a farming area until it was transformed into a modern town. It is a popular resort town that is popular with foreign investors. In addition to the resort, there are many other attractions such as the Zorcan Airport, local museums, and the Yordanyaki amusement park. The Zorcan airport offers flights from major cities around the world.