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Teaching Your Dog To Walk On A Leash


Teaching Your Dog To Walk On A Leash is a popular DVD series produced by award winning animal trainer, Judith Foster. The show gives you the insight and experience needed to know exactly how your dog is feeling and what it needs in order to be more comfortable and happy walking on a leash. You will see the most amazing dogs and puppies, and you will get a chance to spend some quality one on one time with your dog. This can be an exciting time for both of you.

There are a couple of things that I would suggest prior to beginning your teaching-your-dog-to-walk-on-a-leash experience. First, you need to make sure that your dog is healthy and that it has no health problems that will prevent it from walking on a leash. Ask your veterinarian if there are any health issues that are specific to your breed of dog or to any previous pets you may have had. It never hurts to talk to a vet and get their opinion.

Now that you have your dog, you are ready to begin training. I would recommend that you start training while it is still a puppy. Most dogs learn best when they are still little, but if yours is too young to be trained yet, then I would wait a couple of months until your puppy is one-year-old and your dog is fully grown. Most dogs learn really quickly once they are taught what to do, and you should provide your dog with very consistent, positive training tools. Some of the most effective tools treats, praise, and patience. All of these tools will create a positive learning environment for your dog and make walking a fun time for you both.

When training your dog, it’s important that you keep in mind the basic needs of your dog. Your dog will need to have enough space to move around, as well as an area where it can rest. It’s also essential that you walk your dog daily and take him for short lengths of time during the day. This will keep your dog exercised and fresh for when you decide to take him out on a leash for longer periods of time.

Teaching your dog to walk on a leash doesn’t have to be stressful for you or your dog. As long as you are consistent, loving, and patient with your dog, you will accomplish your goal of teaching your dog to walk on a leash. Your dog will become more comfortable with you, and you will enjoy the bonding process that occurs. Remember, this does not have to be a difficult task. It is simply a matter of establishing yourself as the pack leader and providing lots of positive reinforcement for your dog to achieve the behavior you want to see.

Taking your dog out for walks on a leash is a great way to exercise, both for you and your dog. Your dog will be getting some quality time outdoors, and if he has a regular walk with you, he will feel more secure and happier around you. He will love getting into the habit of following you around, and he will be able to look forward to the times that you take him out for his daily potty breaks. Teaching your dog to walk on a leash is really that simple!