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Roof Repairs and Roof Replacement

Roof repairs are an essential part of keeping your home’s worth intact. The roof is one of the most expensive parts of the home to repair. The roof of the house provides many benefits to the homeowner. One of those benefits is keeping the home safe from natural disasters like hurricanes, strong winds, and blizzards. In addition, the roof of the home is one way that heat can be distributed to other rooms in the home, in the form of warm air.

The most common and least noticeable roof repairs include leakages due to hail. Hail damages the tarpaulins of shingle roofs by impactting them at very high velocity. The protective layer of fibrous granules in asphalt shingles is easily eroded away by the UV rays in the sun and this causes a leak in the roof at a severe angle.

Ice dams can also cause leakages in the roofing. Ice dams can form because of insufficient cooling at night or in extremely cold weather. Small leaks in the roof can appear as ice dams during severe winter storms. Asphalt shingles are the most vulnerable to ice dams. Roofing contractors use snow chains to remedy minor roofing repairs such as ice dams.

When roof repairs or full roof replacement due to leaks occur, the most logical step is to hire a professional roofing company. The roofing company will assess the damage and determine what steps need to be taken to fix the problem. If the damage is extensive, the roof repair may require tearing off portions of the roof. Roofing companies will often use special tools to cut through roof shingles to repair smaller leaks. They may also use a hammer to gently tap the roof to make sure that the leak is stopped.

Damage from high winds can also lead to leakages. In cases where the damage is minor, a roof repair can usually take care of the problem. However, in cases where there is extensive damage, a full roof replacement may be required. Since the roof repairs are so costly, many homeowners choose to replace their roofs instead of having them repaired again. In the case of extensive damage from strong winds, a roofing contractor can recommend a combination of repair and replacement.

Roofing contractors are professionals at finding the areas that receive the most damage in the most intense weather conditions. These are the most often damaged parts of the house. By consulting with these contractors, homeowners can determine how much more expensive it will cost to replace just those areas of the house that were severely damaged by the extreme weather. For example, if the attic receives the most damage, it might be the ideal time to replace the entire attic. But, if the attic only receives minor damage, then simply repairing it will probably suffice. In cases of extensive damage, however, it is often best to consult with an experienced roofing contractor in order to ensure that the roof repairs will not be too costly.