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Downtown to Look Great

Alpharetta Commerce Group

The Alpharetta Commerce Group is one of the many companies involved in the development and growth of downtown Atlanta. With a population of approximately two million, this metropolitan area is comprised of some of the most vibrant areas in Georgia with cultural attractions like the Historic West End Center, historic Cherry Creek Country Club, and the famous Trolley Barns. This thriving region is home to numerous Fortune 500 companies, such as Prudential Financial and Scott Airline. These companies are investing in properties in this dynamic city, and the developers are beginning to take notice of the investment potential this area has to offer.

Developing real estate properties is a competitive business. The market is saturated with projects that are for-sale or have just opened, and developers must do their best to stand out from the crowd. This is why the group is dedicated to focusing on the development of mixed-use complexes that will appeal to a variety of residents and visitors. In order to do so, they have hired an architect that is skilled in working with others to bring the concept of sustainable architecture to light.

The architects who work with the Commerce Group have worked previously or are currently involved with other high-profile projects. These individuals have the experience needed to provide the Downtown Atlanta Partnership with a “floor plan” that centers around the development of public spaces within the center city. This plan also lays out a plan for connecting all of the different commercial and recreational spaces in Downtown. The idea is to create a seamless area that visitors and residents can move through seamlessly.

Included in this plan are two large retail outlets – The Channel and grocer Atlanta. The retailers will play a major role in drawing in shoppers, which will drive foot traffic into the center. With the addition of a parking garage and sidewalks, more foot traffic will ensure that the stores can stay open and operate at a high level.

With so much activity happening in the retail market, many potential buyers are turned off by big malls. However, downtown’s mixed-use nature is ideal for attracting shoppers of all budgets. The Center City Shopping Center, a former movie theater, is being converted into a retail center featuring a mixture of traditional shopping with a number of popular restaurants. In addition to the movie theater, this mall will feature grocery store fronts and a hotel. The retail growth is happening now and this trend is not likely to slow down anytime soon.

When the first phase of the development is completed, the developers will be able to take another step forward. The group will become the new owners of the historic Courtyard Marriott, which has a prime location on the Georgia State University campus. This piece of property will allow the developers to continue adding to the retail growth in the area. The property is just one small piece of the long list of assets, the Commerce Group has in place for the future of historic Downtown Atlanta.