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Atlas Chiropractors – Offers a Unique Approach

Atlas Chiropractors believes that a combination of chiropractic treatment and acupuncture can help to treat many common problems that many people have such as headaches, dizziness, back pain, and bad posture. They also believe that misalignment of the vertebrae, which is often caused by incorrect body mechanics and muscle imbalances, can contribute to these problems. For example, when a person stands up too quickly, their spine can become misaligned, and they may find that it causes them to feel dizzy or have shortness of breath. There are several theories that explain why this occurs. Many scientists believe that the nerves that are responsible for balancing the body’s internal organs can become disrupted because the nerve cells in the spine no longer receive the messages that they need to perform properly. This means that the nerves no longer send the proper signals to the brain, which causes the sensation of dizziness or poor balance.

Atlas Chiropractors

A variety of things can be done in order to correct this problem. One thing that the staff at the Atlas Chiropractors of Winston-Salem, NC can do is perform an adjustment, or spinal manipulation, on the patient’s spine. This helps to put the body back into its normal alignment. Many chiropractic care specialists believe that chiropractic care is best used to treat the problem rather than trying to prevent it. The Atlas chiropractors at the clinic use methods that try to fix the problem as opposed to just treating the symptoms.

Dizziness is one of the most common symptoms of a misaligned spine. The staff at Atlas Chiropractors of Winston-Salem, NC can perform a variety of procedures that will help patients manage this symptom. Two of the techniques they commonly use are the Atlas V2 and the Spinal Clenched Adjustment. In the former technique, called Spinal Release Technique, the chiropractor will tighten the surrounding ligaments in addition to manipulating the spine to help relieve any pressure on the nerves. In the latter method known as Spinal Clench Release, the chiropractor will apply a special squeezing motion to the spine in order to unsettle any muscle tension in the nervous system. By fixing the underlying cause of the problem, many patients are able to successfully control dizziness.

Another common problem that occurs is misalignment of the vertebrae. This can occur from a number of different factors. A person could accidentally injure their back while lifting a heavy object, causing their spine to shift into a more unbalanced position. This can also happen during pregnancy, when the growing baby causes the bones of the spine to shift. Other times, deformities may be caused by an accident or injury, even from simple bad posture.

The treatment procedure that Atlas Chiropractors of Winston Salem, NJ will provide involves both diagnostic and therapeutic measures. If your spine appears aligned properly, they will use diagnostic devices to determine the location of misalignment. This information is used to customize a treatment program for your particular condition, and to make sure that you receive only the most appropriate care. Once your spine is fixed, your chiropractic office will then provide a range of therapies to alleviate pain and promote overall bodily health.

Atlas Chiropractors of Winston Salem, NJ is just one of several quality providers available to serve the tri-county area. They offer a unique approach to chiropractic care, using a preventive approach focused on prevention. They combine clinical care with hands-on real world experience to ensure that each client receives a customized, comprehensive treatment plan. Whether you have been injured in an accident, have strayed into a busy highway, or are simply fed up with the symptoms of chronic pain, a trip to an established Atlas Chiropractors clinic could be just what you need to relieve the pain. Stop suffering from pain today.